Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Lovely Bit Of Fish, That

A brief interlude as I am not sure how much (or even whether) I will be able to post over the next few days. Straight after school today (High School this morning, Junior High this afternoon) I am getting on a tiny plane for Sleetmute and I am not sure if I will have internet access. So I thought I would post a wee update on yesterday evening before I head off, just in case. I am looking forward to my plane ride - the snowy scenery will be stunning as we fly low over the river.

Ronnie cooked a silver salmon he had caught and it was absolutely delicious. I had 3 huge pieces. I'm sure I am growing scales. And Emily had made apple pie and ice cream. When I get asked THIS time how much I weigh before I get on the plane I'm going to have to add an extra 20 pounds. Still, at least if my excess weight makes the plane crash into the river I am round and will float.

We had visitors last night - Trenton (age 8) and Dre (age 6). Trenton is my little friend from my last visit and Dre is his cousin. Dre was in my second grade class yesterday and is just this cute little boy with no front teeth. They kept us amused playing with Emily's Wii.

When we took them home, Ronnie took me on a tour around the village. There are 600 people living here. I couldn't see any street names but Aniak has two areas - downtown and housing. We went past the Pizza, wait, make that pizza hut. It's this little wooden shack where Esther makes the most delicious pizza (food reference for Ewan). I'm hoping to get a photo of it during the day.

Because it's so dark here the stars seem extra bright. As we drove round we saw a fox and Ronnie gave me some bear tips for my trip to Sleetmute. He says that a lot of them will be hibernating right now but there will still be some around - especially the young males who are too stupid and macho to hibernate. So, it's a cross-species thing then? So I just have to rememebr one thing - if I come across a black bear I have to fight back (I'm going to stick a brick in my handbag just in case), and if I see a brown bear I have to lay down and play dead. Not that I'm going to have much choice - if I see a ten foot bear coming towards me I shall just keel over in shock anyway. Apparently, brown bears kill their prey and then go off and leave it for a week or so, so if they think I'm dead they will just remember where they left me and toddle off do whatever a bear does in the woods. Or, if I make a lot of noise they might just avoid me. Since my singing makes everyone else run away, I'm thinking that it might work on bears too. I've been practising Blitzkrieg Bop in the hope that they are not big fans of The Ramones.

We drove down to the river and listened to the creaking and shifting of the ice for a while. I asked Ronnie how fast you can drive on the ice when the river is frozen. He says he has done 90mph on it! Remind me never to go driving on the ice with anyone from Aniak. Apparently, I have to come back in the summer so that I can go on a boat trip. They warned me about the mosquitos here though - seemingly known as Alaska's airline.

It's now 8am and we are soon going o be heading off to school. It's pitch black outside and completely silent. I hope I will be able to post from Sleetmute, but if not, expect the most ginormous post when I get back :o)

Oh - and apparently I sound like Ratatouille :o)

Donna x


Julie said...

I've always thought you sounded like a kebab. ;p Happy trails, lovely - looking forward to the next episode of your adventures. :o) J x

sally906 said...

I didn't know Ratatouille HAD a sound.

Donna I feel so privileged to be sharing your journey.

Sally from Oz

PS - if you think the fishermen there are a worry - try sitting next to one of our "tropical" ones - all that humidity adds to the allure :)

Donna said...

Jools - thank you m'dear!

Sally - it's the courgettes you know - they are SO noisy :o) And yuk, no thanks!

gary warren niebuhr said...

Hmmm--playing dead. Now I know what was going on during some of my dates. GWN