Saturday, October 4, 2008

All Points West To Alaska

Well, it's time to dust off the old blog in preparation for my upcoming trip to Bouchercon in Baltimore and then on to Alaska (well, it was a good excuse since Baltimore is on the way to Alaska, right?)

When I told my mum I was going to be going back she said "Will you be doing that BLUG thingy again?" So here, especially for my mother, is 'that blug thingy'. (I know I'm going to get into trouble for that when she reads this but, ah well, I shall soon be thousands of miles away and besides, mum - at least no-one knows about the time you put the phone in the fridge. Well, not many people anyway :o) )

Having had such a wonderful time in Alaska in 2007, and especially in the villages I visited last time, I decided to go back, and have been looking forward to it for months. And now it's finally nearly here.

So I shall be catching up with old friends and new at Bouchercon in Baltimore, and then heading off to Alaska. My first stop will be in Anchorage where there is a reception being put on by Alaska Sisters In Crime and at which I have to make a presentation (gulp). Then it's off in a small plane out to the Bush for 11 days. I have enough cookies and candy for 180 children, and enough pens, pencils and paper for the rest. I've also been buying a few childrens' books every month since the beginning of the year. I have packed one and a half suitcases and so far there are no clothes in either of them! They are full of goodies, warm socks and an enormous pair of walking boots that Frankenstein's monster would feel at home in.

I'm also very excited about a little treat I have for them. Last year, I held a competition and got some wonderful short stories, so I have had the stories made into a book, using a picture one of the girls drew for me of she and I going berry picking as the cover. I've had 80 copies shipped to Alaska and am looking forward to giving them out. I've also got loads of creative writing exercises planned, and I think it will be a lot of fun. I can't wait to see them all again.

I then have 2 more days in Anchorage. One will be a trip to Nordstroms for some retail therapy shoe shopping. The next, I'm doing this again. Oh yessssssssssss. I rang to ask if they were doing a trip that weekend and my wonderful guide Kevin from last year has said that even if there's no tour arranged, he will take me out on the ATV for the day anyway. How wonderful is that? I can't get over how nice people are. That will finish off my trip just perfectly.

So I am leaving on Wednesday. I will try and post daily, but Mum - if I can't please don't automatically assume I have been eaten by a bear. Only assume that if you get a letter written in an unknown and barely literate paw, saying "Dere Missis Moore, yore dorter was very tastee. She tasted just lik chiken (onlee with mor fat). However, I hav had indeegestyun ever since." Please feel free to post in the comments section (Dad, I would be grateful if you could try and be nice to me this time).



Anonymous said...

Why ?

Donna said...

Because you're my father and you're supposed to be nice to me (see, even with just one word I knew it was you despite you being anonymous :o) )

Vincent said...

I'm hoping this blog features far more contributions from both your Dad and the bear...

Donna said...

Don't encourage him...either of them.

Julie said...

I'm looking forward to a running commentary from Anonydad and Bearly Literate... and, of course, Anchorage's resident shoe fetishist (there'll be one!). :o)

Paulie Walnuts said...

Didn't you put those poor Alaskans through enough last year???....I heard you ate their entire winter supply of Aqutak for 2007 and corrupted the entire year 8 girls with shoe buying stories that sparked off an economical meltdowm in whale blubber sales across several remote villages!

..waving a 'cheerio' out of a small light aircraft as you went!

and you bring back pens to compensate?


gary warren niebuhr said...

OK, I could just wait and tell you this person in Baltimore are the luckiest person I know. I will be watching your every post again--with baited bear breath. GWN

Bobbie said...

Oh Donna, even before you go, your blug (great word, Donna's Mum) is wonderful to read and think about. You are such a wonder! I know you will have a great time, bringing a great time to those school children-and yourself too, seeing them all again...true wonder...and also doing that adventurous four-wheeling! ENJOY!! Bobbie and Larry

Donna said...

Jools - Anonydad needs no further encouragement - I can see him rubbing his hands with glee already!

Paulie Walnuts - it's OK, I'm taking the whale blubber with me - I'm wearing it though :o)

Gary - shouldn't that be BAT breath?! See you in Baltimore!

Bobbie - looks like the four-wheeling might become a snowmobile - apparently 6-8 inches of snow has fallen in parts of Anchorage today!!!

Sylvia said...

Donna I do hope you have as grand a time as you did on your last trip. Will you have time for a cuppa with me when you're here?

send me an email and I'll give you my phone number.


Anonymous said...

Before she left Donna suggested ( atleast I think it was a suggestion) that I look at her blog and comment on it. So whether you aggree or not, I will, don't forget that all,shall we say,authors and travellers have a father somewhere in the background.

sally906 said...

Have you given the bear your blog address?

Hoping to share your trip with you through this blog :)

Hoo Roo

Sally from Oz

Anonymous said...

Hey I just clicked on the link for the next blog. It appears to be written by a Spanish girl with knock knees ( I don't read Spanish so it was double dutch to me )She seems to share your fettish for shoes as there are pictures of them on every page. Try it and you will see what I mean.

Donna said...

Sly - watch your e-mail.

Sally - I think the bear may well re-appear at some point :o)

Dad - you said "don't forget that all,shall we say,authors and travellers have a father somewhere in the background."
...and sometimes, father, that's EXACTLY where they should stay. And don't click on links - you know what happens when you click on links :o)

Sylvia said...

Donna, I'm having trouble with my esmatt addy so sedn whatever to this addy okm thanks: