Sunday, October 26, 2008

I Came THIS Close To A Bear...

...oh yes I did. And its breath stank of fish.

No post yesterday. I had a horrendous migraine, so didn't get a chance to do anything.

So I managed to cram two days events into one. I went shopping to Nordstroms. Ah...home.

Oh, this is the front window of my hotel by the way. I was welcomed by the image of death in the window. I don't think it was anything personal.

Today the lovely Karen and her husband and son came to take me out for the day.

We took a scenic drive and we went to a rehab centre for Alaskan wildlife. The bear in the photo above is a recovering crack cocaine addict.

And I touched this moose. It was sitting right next to the fence and I reached in and stroked its fur.

It is so cold here that even the waterfalls freeze over - like this one. Luckily, I was wearing the usual 17 layers of clothes. In Aniak the day before I left it was so cold that the hairs inside my nose froze. That was a really weird feeling and no, I don't have a picture of it.

And for today I will leave you with some pictures of the glorious scenery we saw today. I'm now off to try and sit on my suitcases so that I can close them. See, I knew that eating all that food would come in handy.

More when I get home. Tata for now.


Vincent said...

Hmm, I can picture the scene:

DONNA: Ooh, ooh, what are we doing next?

KAREN: Err... going on a scenic drive.

DONNA: To anywhere in particular?

KAREN: Err...

KAREN'S HUSBAND: To a rehab centre.

KAREN: (Quickly) For Alaskan wildlife.

DONNA: A rehab centre for Alaskan wildlife? That's so sweet!

Donna breaks into tears. The married couple exchange secretive whispers:

KAREN: They'll never take her you know.

KAREN'S HUSBAND: If we put her in a big fur coat and don't let her speak, they'll be none the wiser.

KAREN: I'm not so sure...

KAREN'S HUSBAND: Listen, we'll just distract her with a moose and then make a run for it...

sally906 said...

LOL @ Vincent :)

Donna - I need bear pictures - champing at the bit here :)

Donna said...

Oh young Vincent, you are in SO much trouble.

Sally - there you go.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised !!! Only one visit to Nordstrums, it must be a tiny shop.
to everybody looking at this blog. When I take Mum into town I invariably lose her, she is easy to find, I look in the nearest shoe shop or the underwear emporium. I am afraid Donna takes after her, when she is down here I lose both of them, but once again the shoe shop is where they are hiding.
Donna, there are no secrets on this media, Imelda Marcos has competition where you two are concerned. Speak to you when you get back to Glasgow.
A nony mouse.

Donna said...

Dad - I don't even need to tell you that mum will have your guts for garters when I tell her what you said, do I? :o)

Paulie Walnuts said...

I thought id give everyone else the chance to write a bit here for a few days (ok i fell asleep..there's only so much crying and shoe buying a man can read!). I hope you've all had yer fair share over the last few days, hypnotized by the Ginger Numpty so lets put a few things straight...

right. flew a plane? FLEW A PLANE MY ARS£!! with that scarf on? who did you think you were? Biggles? and i bet you said to the 'real' pilot..'here you go mate...heres a dollar, let me put my hands on your joystick and take a pic for me...they'll think i've flown a plane across Alaska..but shhh...we both know i just held on for like..3 seconds.."

No pilot in his right mind would let you fly a plane, have you seen how you put lipstick on? its never dont do 'horizontals'...he'd have his wings stripped away from him in seconds if the Aviation Authority of Alaska found out and have him flying joke rubber dog poo to Hong Kong. Top Gun Moore..! my arse!

Secondly..that bear...come on...are we REALLY supposed to believe you got that close to a bear, face on..AND IT DIDNT EAT YOU??? pah!...that bear was either one of those tamed freaks from a travelling nearby Russian Circus or it was your Photoshop tomfoollery!..look at the way its can virtually see its 2 people inside.
Any proper bear would have torn you apart and worn your shades to pose in, as it strolled back to bear village before posting the attack on YouTube. we know know.

Aqutak....thats Aqutak in the pic is it? is that before or after its been digested after a few beers? and where did they get the M&Ms from?

Which ones the Moose in those pictures? know i luv ya really but if i let that one pass me by id never forgive myself...:-) and besides...that moose has almost got a look of...'oh..its her...that daft bint who came last year...i'll just turn away and pretend i havent seen she still there..oh shit..she is..erm..what can i do...i know..i'll just have a cigarette or something, she'll go eventually...'

and did you see that pic of the schoolchildren eating lollipops?..has no one noticed that they put a lovely big sign up welcoming you, saying "LETS BE PRODUCTIVE TODAY" and Donna gives then lollipops, coated in sugar, to rot their teeth and make them fat...knowing full well there isnt a dentist around for like 500 miles..and they dont exactly have Golds Gyms up there yah!!..LETS DO SOMETHING POSITIVE TODAY' lets get tooth rot and put weight on! thanks Ms Moore!!

Donna..GET BACK HERE NOW!! for gawds sake..before you do any more damage!! wont somebody please think of the children!!!

And Ewan: what did you mean you liked the elephant?? you didnt like my suggestions? jeez, you've consigned yourself to a lifetime of safari animals for birthdays and christmas now i tell ya..i'll put any money on it you're getting a dolphin for Christmas this year! good luck!

Donna. the cargo holds on modern aircraft really cant hold that many shoes these days, you must leave some behind for the safety of the other passengers on board. i beg of you!!!


Peter Rozovsky said...

I suggest that should you meet a bear that close again, you refrain from commenting on its breath. It would safest to confine the discussion to neutral topics, such as the weather, though be prepared for a derisive snort when you complain about the cold.
Detectives Beyond Borders
"Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"

Bobbie said...

Donna, what a way to end this trip! Talking about bear breath! And great photos, too. Thanks to you for a tremendous journey, and I mean that as a compliment, you others! :o) And photos of shoes...gee what a surprise, ha. And next a photo of a death symbol-skeleton watching football from the eyes in back of his head? Or was it a football game outside the hotel? Or is he trying to catch that bear? Hm.....

Good luck with the suitcases closing, and travel safe. Was grand having you on this big adventure and letting us share it with you. I will miss you, now going back across The Pond. But methinks some people might be a tad happier upon your arrival. :o)

Bestest Blog Posts Ever, that is your new award, from me, ha.

Take care and thank you, Donna.
Bobbie and Larry

Donna said...

Paul - LOL - very funny - why are you so mean to me?! I'll have you know I flew the plane for half an hour, so there. The M&Ms are blueberries and salmonberries you heathen. The bear was behind a fence which I cunningly managed to avoid in the photo as I stuck my zoom lens through the fence with some trepidation. You should take a leaf out of bobbie's book. She writes the most lovely comments and is actually nice to me. You should try that for a change...

Peter - I hasten to add that I didn't actually complain to the bear about its breath - I waited until I was WELL out of the way.

Bobbie - thank you my dear - I'm glad you enjoyed it. Almost makes me decide to keep a regular blog :o)

Dame Judith said...

Oh, Donna, thanks so much for the running commentary. You have an amazing talent for turning every experience into an adventure.

I agree with Vincent, you're the next Michael Palin in the making - though the shoe thing might make 'traveling light' problematical.


Paulie Walnuts said...

Donna: "You should take a leaf out of bobbie's book. She writes the most lovely comments and is actually nice to me. You should try that for a change..."

Me: stop talking peesch woman!


gary warren niebuhr said...

Love the photo of the bat, er--beeeaaaarrrrrr! And thanks for sharing all of your memories with all of us. I keep saying this but it is true--you are a hero. I wonder how many, if any, of the others who went into the bush have returned to have such an effect on the children, and the adults!! Live in peace, GWN

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