Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sleepless in Seattle

Well, I generally start these messages with something along the lines of "I arrived safely in X; my luggage, however, is still in Y." So, let's see - am I going to do that this time? Well, I arrived safely in Seattle. My luggage, however, is still in Amsterdam. The good news is, they KNEW they lost it. This is so much better than the time I travelled to Bristol (about 50 minutes on the plane). I was the only one out of the whole flight whose luggage didn't arrive. The woman at lost luggage very helpfully said "Oh, it's gone somewhere else beginning with a B." Oh really? Birmingham? Belgium? Burkina Fasso? My bags arrived with a suntan 4 days later.

But this time I knew it wasn't going to accompany me to Seattle when my connecting plane was late and I had to sprint through Schipol airport in Amsterdam (aka The Biggest Airport In The Whole World) and arrived at my plane with 10 minutes to spare. Of course, I then had to go through the usual customs traumas which involved taking off all my jewellery and half my clothes. By the time I had undressed the plane was about to leave, so I had to get on half dressed.

So, I've rung to check on the status of my bags. They give you a 10 digit number. And it's an automated service. It doesn't like my accent. My reference numer starts SEAB. So the automated voice said "Did you say MPXQ....?" "Errrrr, no, I said SEAB..." "Did you say GKLT...? "NO! I said SEAB..." "Did you say FVAO?" "NO! I bloody said SEAB..." "Did you just say bloody?"

This evening we went to a State Fair (see picture - one of these people is as mad as a barrel of monkeys)- my first ever - food, rides, food, animals, food, stalls, food, and 80s band Devo. And did I mention food? I had read about funnel cake and, needless to say I had to try some (I could I resist? Pure fat dipped in sugar? Mmmmmmmmmmmm). It was a great fair, there were little piglets, a camel, and a zonkey - which was a cross between a zebra and a donkey. It looked as though someone had started to paint stripes on a donkey and got fed up after painting the legs.

Today we are going to Nordstroms. My spiritual home. Brian knows I love buying shoes and so he is prepared to go through the torture. That's friendship for you.


Julie said...

Glad to hear you're there in one piece, even if your luggage has gone awol. Hope you're reunited soon... Do we get shoe pics at some point? Happy shopping - have fun and best to Brian! J x

Anonymous said...

Am I to assume Nordstroms is a shoe shop? Surprise. surprise. You have overtaken your Mum in the shoe buying department, her collection seems to have stalled at present.

Donna said...

Dad - it's a posh department store (a bit like Frasers and John Lewis only posher). But the shoe department is BRILLIANT. You get your own personal shopper who waits on you hand and...well...foot. Let's put it this way, I was in there at 10.30am and I said to my designated assistant "I'm afraid there are quite a few I would like to try" (I'd made a map, and marked down the location of all the shoes I wanted). And the response was "Ma'am, I'm yours until 5.30." Heaven.

Anonymous said...

Lovely Donna at the State Fair-what fun! And yes, the food at state fairs is awesomely interesting and many are available to try, and is a darn good time trying them all! Yes, I've been to state fairs. :-) In Illinois they give a prize to the largest hog--animal type! not human type!, and it's always interesting to see such a large animal--and then go out and eat more funnel cakes. :-)

Sorry about your bags--may they arrive safely and quickly and happily!

And yes, Nordstrom, the store's shoe assistant-helper-seller, and Donna are all a match made in heaven.

And hello to the nice bloke in the photo, and to everyone there.

Thanks for the blog, it's so neat to see your adventures!

Best to you,