Sunday, September 30, 2007

Leaving ...On A No Jet Plane

Well, actually, it's a teeny tiny single engined plane. Wish me luck that my pilot is old, and not bold, as there are no old, bold Bush pilots.

In about half an hour I leave for the Bush. Mum - just let me say once again that if I do not manage to post until Saturday 6th (or possibly not until I get home on Monday 8th) it does not mean that I have been:
a) Eaten by a bear
b) Been invited for dinner not realising *I* am the main course (feeding 8 villages for a month). Thanks to Judy for this suggestion to add to the list of Things Donna Needs to Worry About
c) Become the wife of the shaman (thanks Gary and Ted - please send a wedding gift - a couple of walrus heads would be nice - we need something for the mantlepiece.

I am heading off to Aniak, Upper Kalskag, Lower Kalskag, and a village which appears to be called 'If We Can Get You There, Cripple Creek' since that's how everyone refers to it. I haven't asked why it's so difficult to get to (Mum - I'm sure it doesn't involve rappelling).

I'm very much looking forward to my adventure and I discovered that I have been granted a huge honour, which I am enormously grateful for. I am being thrown a potlatch supper, which is a ceremonial meal. As guest of honour I have to eat everything I am offered. Not normally a problem, except I understand that fish heads dipped in seal fat may be on the menu.

Seriously, I am very excited about this opportunity and everyone has been wonderful.

It is most unlikely that I will be able to blog while I am there but if I can I will; otherwise, see you in about a week.

Oh, and by the way, the interview I did may be appearing on here:
next Saturday (and they are going to give me a call while I am in the Bush to see how things are going). Not sure whether it WILL be Saturday but it will be fairly soon.


John said...

Take care, Donna, but, more importantly, take a parachute and a survival kit! Seriously, have fun in the bush - hope you do manage the occasional post, tho I know it's unlikely. Will look out for your radio interview. See you in a week or so's time. John xxx

Dave Bara said...

You do realize this potlatch thing is just the eskimos wanting to fatten you up before they make you their queen and buils you an igloo to have their babies, right?


Donna said...

Thanks John!

Dave - I'm already fat enough thank you. This morning when I was checking in for the plane to Kalskag (well, checking in is a bit fancy - I handed my bags over and gave my name) they asked my weight so I whispered it in embarrassed fashion.

Julie said...

Take care and have fun - see you on the other side! J x