Saturday, October 6, 2007

Face For The Radio

Well, my Mum always said I had a face for the radio. Now it's time to discover that I also have a voice for mime. Before I went out to the Bush I did a radio interview and it's now up here: (just click on the Murder and Mayhem programme date 10/06/07. And I no longer sound like that - I have absolutely NO voice left at all. Why does everyone else with a sore throat sound like Lauren Bacall, and I sound like Squeaky The Stupid Sounding Squeaky Thing From Squeakville?

And i just found out that the radio station has a link to my blog, so if anyone is reading this - welcome. I love your state, your scenery and, most of all, your people.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, Listened to the broadcast, there was alot of goodie bag russling, I bet you ate most of them.

Donna said...

Oy you - I'll have you know that the children got ALL the chocolate! I have a picture as proof, from one of the teachers I will post it - so there.